by Sojii

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Debut EP Self- titled


released January 4, 2016

Produced and mixed by Dylan Houpt
Songwriting: Valerie Salerno, Katherine Palmer, and Dylan Houpt



all rights reserved


Sojii Michigan

Milk Sop
Debut EP out on Jan 15 2016

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Track Name: Milk Sop
Hey mr. wut
I thot u were asleep
ur brain sings in volumes
a creeper symphony
after all, I lost my meds
I shot away I left you dead
bearded white head

Never I saw ur mind
wuts inside its clear and kind
hey u got too old shake it off
shaking cold

clean up rhymes in my sink
unless u wanna share
Lucille purge thru burnt white hair
art school boy
take a piss outside
the neighborhood's money
but those almond eyes

Never I saw ur mind
wuts inside its clear and kind
hey u got too old shake it off
shaking cold

tell me a story i fell asleep at the end
Track Name: Bat Teeth
Monday I woke to a crystal ball
i tried to stand but saw too many stars
8 million gallons of vitamin C blood
Take a couple more 4 for good measure

Tuesday my skin drained to monochrome
I fed the cat and watched seraphim
I miles of concrete paste

Today we watch for anvils
we take a stroll for cold sores
Packing helium and hang you out to dry
Track Name: Dowry Death
ur the apple of my eye
you'll have a brain in time
I set the record for efficiency
I set the record for make me one with flies
coming on a flight 33
embryonic la

Ugly spark you'll have a brain soon
Brother says I'm a parasite
I set a record for idiocy
I set a record for hold up and fly
Embryonic dust to dust
daily feed of horseflies
heaven only knows why i trust
heaven only knows ah la la